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Hi. Thank you so much. Method 2 works well on huawei honor 6
Thanks solution 4 works well
Tired of this, kind of frustrating can't register as a designer, site is not going kept getting error 404 on the page each time I click ( Accept Agreement and Register ) icon
Again do this stuff after the other stuff you found from the web to fix other things first, such as removing account and clearing cache, uninstalling updates and forcing apps to stop, restarting the phone after and so on.. and then do the steps I gave with "using another app to install the latest Google Play Services".
Why didn't Google or Android "the phone" have this as an option? Probably because Google didn't want anyone to use another app to do this stuff just in case your phone might have been rooted, they want you to force yourself to "factory reset and default everything" because they don't want you using stuff like game emulators or what you do with your phone, and they don't want you to be able to fix the issue which is like probably a "lock out" security feature on the phone, it's possible that it was also a version issue and Google probably knew, and they probably just didn't want you to fix it for the same reason, they wanted you to factory reset and restore defaults instead of giving you an option, so they did it on purpose just in case you have game emulators or whatever you use on your phone, just a guess.

Hope this helped you! :)
Hey guys I might have found a fix for the Google Play Store with this error.

After you have done everything else, uninstalling updated versions of apps using the Settings > Apps on your Android phone so that Google apps will sync with your account, and also removing your account "older Android 4.4 versions can do this by going into Accounts > Google > "Click your account and look for the syncing apps with a check box next to them" > click the phone's actual button on the bottom right if you have an older phone and remove account.

If you have done this from other websites and videos even with Google Play Services and all other ways of clearing cache, clearing data, and uninstalling updated versions with forcing stop and restarting the phone, got all the way to the Google Play Store having this error and only this error up to this point where it won't let you passed it.. here's what I did, this might work for other new phones as well.

Keep in mind.. I had this error and other apps not working or updating as well for a couple years now on this phone, but after the solutions below.. it works again with the Google Play Store. I did hours upon hours from last night to early this morning to find solutions, went away from my phone and back to it to try more things, and looking from more sites and youtube videos.

Try these steps. -

I've had another app installed for a long time, even before this error on the phone.
Find and download an app called Aptoide and then install and open it.

Do a search for Google Play Services within the Aptoide app's search bar.
Much like the Google Play Store, Aptoide will have apps to download.
Once you see a much newer version such as 11.0.45, click on it and download only this.
Once it downloads, be sure to be there when it finishes or you might have to download it again, it should have the package downloaded the second time if you miss the installer.
Ok once done downloading, install the app, it should say "app installed".
This should now allow you to see lots of new updates for your apps, even a Google Play Store update.
Go into your Google Play Store, accept and click next, it works!

Also, close your Google Play Store, you now have a new Google Settings option as well, it's the Google Play Services, I know this because you go to Aptoide and click that Google Play Services version again and click "open", it shows these same settings.
These new settings are located in your apps, no not the settings > apps...
These are located when you check for installed apps to open on your phone, it should say.. "Google Settings". These have awesome new features for your accounts and abilities to delete other google apps. Enjoy!
Everything should now be working again!