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How to get rid of the message "No photos selected" while charging your Xiaomi?

Sometimes owners of Xiaomi smartphones face quite an interesting issue when they put their devices on the charge. The message "No photos selected" appears on the screen and does not respond to attempts to turn it off. Here is a request for help from one of the users who is encountering this problem:
Hi. While my Redmi Note 8 is charging, the message "No photos selected" appears and moves randomly across the screen. How can I disable it? I'm running on MIUI 11, stock global rom. Changing the MIUI theme did not bring any result. Thanks!

The post is supported by a screenshot that illustrates the device screen. Similar complaints are received from owners of Mi Mix 2s phones and a number of other models from Xiaomi.
No photos selected while charging

Our team concluded that the screen saver is activated in the system, but no picture or other image is selected. That's why users can see the message "No photos selected". The most tricky thing is that there is no screen saver in the phone settings. What should we do? A third-party app "Widget Screensaver" from Google Play Store comes to help us.

Open the downloaded application and go to "Screensaver Settings";

In the item "When to start" we set "Never" and save the changes.

The case is solved. Find another way? Share it with us in Comments. Probably it will help to someone.
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    Fab thanks, worked straight away

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