How to fix "Android Pay can't be used on this device" error

Android Pay service is now available in many countires. This service allows making contactless payments. But, before Android users got really excited about new features, many of them faced a new problem. Sure, the app is installed without any problems. Nevertheless, when trying to launch the app one gets the message "Android Pay can't be used on this device" followed by "Google can't confirm that your device meets Android Pay's security standarts". There might be three possible causes for this kind of message: 1) the device has root-access; 2) the bootloader is unlocked; 3) a third-party ROM has been installed in this device.

Today we have ways to fix this issue. Thanks to the efforts of the most advanced and inquisitive users, the program "Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interface" has been developed and released. This program allows getting the desired result faster and easier. There is no need to abandon a root access or to install patched software. Magisk installing gives an opportunity to use Android Pay service in root-operated devices, with unlocked loader and customs firmware.

How to use Magisk?
Magisk also offers its own native root method known as MagiskSU. The interface however, will work with any systemless root solution like SuperSU. Otherwise Magisk will try to delete the other root access and launch MagiskSU by default.

Fixing Android Pay issue:
  • If MagiskSU has been installed in your device, that is, your device is running by Magisk root, and Magisk Manager has been already placed in your Applications menu. Then, you can go ahead to Step 3. We also recommend to update Magisk and reboot your smartphone.

  • If your device is rooted by some other sources (neither official non-system SuperSU nor MagiskSU), you have to remove them. It is also possible to update a script using custom Recovery in order to remove superuser root access. Note, one will also have to get back original boot.img to provide a complete system restore.

  1. Launch custom Recovery and install archive;

  2. Afterwards, Magisk Manager should be available in Applications menu. Open it.

  3. Navigate Settings and activate Magisk Hide option. Afterwards, Magisk Hide should be available in Applications menu.

  4. Open Magisk Hide and check whether "Android Pay" box has already been marked.

  5. Go to "Module" option and add a wanted module for Safety Net checking.

    * In case an available module failed to check Safety Net, do install any terminal, for instance, Terminal Emulator and type the following code:
    sh /magisk/.core/magiskhide/disable
    sh /magisk/.core/magiskhide/enable

  6. Then, launch checking Safety Net. If you are successful, check Android Pay service.

** If you don’t want to install Magisk and other third-party software, there is a simple way to hide root access and/or an unlocked loader from Android Pay. In the build.prop file you have to replace (you can use BuildProp Editor) two lines (a company name and a smartphone brand) to:

Well, that’s it. After performing all steps, reboot your smartphone and Android Pay service will work just fine. If you still have questions, please, don’t hesitate and write in Comments. We will answer you.

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Zia ullah
I tried all the suggested solutions above but sadly none of them did worked..anybody else got some suggestions out there ,
I tried all the suggested solutions above but sadly none of them did worked..anybody else got some suggestions out there , rather than buying a new phone? Lol

mine still won't sync, says no activity, no sleep. sleep data record stopped mid August now mid Sept steps doesn't sync. it's rubbish, only a year old.
If you do not get the little arrow near your email, all you have to do is make an account on you phone using the google app, log in, and it the little arrow will then pop up on your email in google play store. I know it's a bit unclear but not even a 1 minute fix. Hope I could help :)
Last method worked for me for Lenovo P1m. Keep in mind that, once you remove the google account you have to perform 'force stop', 'clear cache' 'clear data' for play store and frame services and then reboot before adding the google account again