How to fix the dreaded Wi-Fi exclamation point?

If you’re an Android 5.0 Lollipop user and connect the Internet via Wi-Fi, it is possible you face Wi-Fi exclamation point issue. What is it? How to fix the problem? First, the symbol "!" appearing means that it is worth to investigate the wireless network you are using. The communication problem is behind the warning sign. Maybe there are a lot of solutions for this issue. We have found just one, which actually works.

Well, the problem relates to the wireless network. To fix it we suggest to set a static IP address for that particular Wi-Fi address. It means that you have to know an available address on the LAN, the gateway address, and the DNS addresses (DNS1 и DNS2) for the network. As for the latter you can use Google's default DNS addresses of and We do not claim that this way is the best one. Nevertheless it works!

How to solve Wi-Fi exclamation point?
  1. Go to "Settings" on your Android. Select "Wi-Fi";

  2. Find the network in question, long-press its name. You will see the pop-up menu, select "Modify network";

  3. At the bottom of the screen select "Advanced options", then "IP Settings", then "Static";

  4. Enter the necessary network information in the available boxes and tap "Save". As soon as you are done, restart your device. After restart complete, look at the notification panel to make sure you have connected the same network and without the exclamation point.

It is possible you will repeat these steps more than once. You may want to do so for all wireless networks you employ. Usually upgrade OS to Android Marshmallow solves the issue once and for all. Thus far, the static IP-address will secure your device from the exclamation point.

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Try removing the screen lock PIN first and then deleting the Google account. That worked for me - did not have to factory reset the phone. But make sure to add back the screen lock PIN for security.
It's working on MIUI 9
Thanks for help me
Kenneth Liou
im having the same problem with a9 Pro, Samsung told me to format the phone but i really dont want too
César Augusto Lezcano Molinas
Y como se hace para instalar de la forma de sistema
I had same problem on my samsung galaxy A9 Pro. Followed the steps but could not fix it

I had same problem with my Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. Tried the steps but could not fix it.
Is it software problem on android or samsung? Any other suggestions to fix it?