Android Errors

How to fix “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error?

Sometimes “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” message pops up on Android smartphones. This error appears to be a bug in the system. That is extremely annoying since once appears the message comes up repeatedly. More than that it causes malfunction of well-functioning applications. Mostly a bug effects a soft downloaded from Google Play Store. The source of this issue is that one of the running apps has been terminated. What may be done to get rid of “bad luck”?

How to fix “Screen overlay detected” on Android devices?

Users of smartphones those running Android Marshmallow and Nougat started to report a peculiar error. This error sometimes pops up while trying to set permissions to run applications. The message “Screen overlay detected” appears in the screen. Hence one either fails to run a wanted application or runs it with significant limited functioning. Until now the cause of the error was unknown. Users tackled it getting back to factory settings or deleting (blocking) all installed applications one by one. Fortunately the issue appears to be easily solved.

“Restricted access changed. Emergency service is blocked” on Android smartphones

“Restricted Access Changed” is the alert frequently displayed on Moto X, Moto G and Nexus model lines. It appears every now and then at the notification bar and disappears right after. Moreover the problem is not caused by Android’s soft or hardware. It’s just an emergency call message. In spite of its harmless it annoys and even scares users. Surely, an uninstructed user might interpret the message “Restricted Access Changed. Emergency service is blocked” any way he likes, for example, data transmission or voice service blocking.

How to fix “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” error?

It is not uncommon for Android smartphone users to observe a sudden message in the screen: the “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”. The beginners are often getting into panic and ready to give their smartphones up. In fact it is not as bad as it appears at first glance. If one examines information from various resources and a little sum of personal experience, he can list of issues that cause to display this error message. That is exactly we have done here. We hope that our analysis helps other users to fix this problem calmly, without emotion.

Warning: Camera Failed on Samsung Galaxy devices

Smartphone Samsung’s Galaxy line users have faced the problem with their cameras. After a couple of days of working properly the “Warning: Camera Failed” message appears on the screen and a camera stops working. Neither rebooting nor launching the Camera app helps.

“Unfortunately Contacts has stopped” on Samsung devices

You may have come across this error frequently while using Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 and S7. Usually this error appears after downloading the system update. The system simply fails to save a new contact data. The users faced this massage report that had not had problems before updating their OS. We will try to help Samsung smartphone users to fix this disappointing ambiguity.

“Couldn’t add widget” on Recent Apps screen in Lollipop

Practically every time, after the release of the new version of the operating system, or after the obtainment of the updates, the users encounter various problems during the process of the work with the device. As a rule, there is nothing fatal in such situations, and they are associated with the small flaws, which are rapidly eliminated by the developers. But not all the users are ready to wait for the intervention of the specialists, therefore, we strive to share with you the methods for the elimination of the problems, which we find on the Net, or which we develop by ourselves.