Tips And Tricks

How to cancel a Google Play subscription?

Android OS allows its users to subscribe for applications and services using Google Pay. If you make a subscription via Play Store, Google saves your payment method and uses it automatically for recurring payments. Google renews your payments unless you unsubscribe. You can cancel an unwanted subscription via either Google Play app or Google Play official site. Pay attention: to uninstall an application does not mean that your subscription has been cancelled automatically. It still works. Even if you use the service no longer, you will be charged.

What is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi devices?

Many Android users are concerned about unknown processes run automatically and consume a lot of smartphone resources. Apart from direct security risk they might affect the system speed and uninterrupted phone operating. Let see what is this KLO Bugreport app and how to fix the most common issues connected with it.

What is “MBN Test” app on Android devices?

If you open your Android phone applications menu in section “Downloaded” you will find many apps you have never heard of. Most of them are necessary for system\’s steady-state. Some devices like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc. contain a MBN Test process. It is remarkable how little known about this test. Unlike most of the apps the information about this one is close to zero. What is this process and how to delete it?

How to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner on Android devices?

These days fingerprinting scanner is not something special. It is a often feature of economy class smartphones and not just an attribute of the flagship phones. A fingerprinting scanner serves to unlock your phone. It protects your device from unauthorized access. It is used as an option to secure certain applications. It is very handy and save solution. Unfortunately, it does the job until a scanner recognizes a registered fingerprint.

How to disable the Proximity Sensor on Android devices?

Smartphones running Android OS equipped with a proximity sensor that disable the screen when you lift the phone close to your ear while you are on a call. Actually it is a useful function. It lets your phone save power as well as prevents a stray keystroke. The issue is: you cannot take a call at the same time as you are writing messengers or edit texts. The moment your hand is close to phone\’s touch screen, a proximity sensor is awake and your screen becomes dim.

How to Relock Bootloader via Fastboot on Android devices?

In spite of having an unlocked bootloader is useful in many ways, for example, a kernel firmware and recovery (factory images), installing an alternative custom recovery image (TWRP) and getting root access, its presence can also lead to block certain services on your device for security reasons. So, you might want to relock a bootloader to use those services.

What is the “Mab” application on Xiaomi smartphones?

In the beginning of this year some users found out an unknown app “Mab” installed in their phones. Usually it came after a MIUI firmware updating. Obviously, the appearance of an unaware app is disturbing. What is it? A regular firmware, a spy app or a virus? There is almost nothing about Mab soft in the web. Nevertheless we have managed to find out a little.

How to disable Bixby on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8?

After a few months of anticipation digital voice assistant Bixby Voice got shipped on Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ all over the world. Indeed, in attempt to compete with such virtual assistants as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana, Samsung developed Bixby pretty well. Moreover, when trying to implement really complex operations in all sorts of apps Bixby looks smarter than its “competitors”. To find firmer foot in markets Samsung also released Bixby Page, which looked similar to Google Now Page on the home screen. It is pity that Bixby Voice is available only for several languages: English (American version) and Korean.

How to disable Google Play Protect?

Google recently announced its last Play Store feature called Google Play Protect. This built-in Play Store app “protects your phone against malicious apps”. Play Protect is a security app which not only scans each app installing from Play Store for viruses and all sort of malware downloads but also it checks the apps which had already been installed in your device.

How to disable Pattern Unlock on Android via ADB Commands?

Forgotten Pattern Unlock makes Android device usage impossible. The problem may be solved by unlocking the device. In doing so, one employs Android Debug Bridge utility and PC. Anyway, ADB is worth to study. It has lots of specific functions which might be useful in a variety of different circumstances.

How to fix “Couldn’t connect Mi Band” error on Android devices?

Today we will talk of how to fix the problem of syncing your device with the Mi Band fitness bracelet. Sometimes users get the message: “Couldn\’t connect band. Try again”. Which means that the error occurs and Mi Fit app fails to track the parameters of your body and your physical activities.

How to fix “Themes from third party sources not supported” issue on MIUI?

“Themes from third party sources not supported” message appears on Android devices screens for Xiaomi users who try to download a theme to their phones or tables not from company official market but other internet resources. Since January 1st Xiaomi have banned all themes and other MIUI firmware components downloaded from internet resources different from their official market site. They did it to support designers intellectual property rights, to secure favorable conditions for development engineers and further their interface development. All download can be done successfully from site only. As to the users they can download their favorable stuff only from Xiaomi official market site.

How to fix “GPS signal not found” error in Pokémon GO?

It is not uncommon for new applications to contain bugs. Software developers often release beta-version and prompt users to test it. This strategy helps to discover and remove bugs before its official release. Pokémon GO is a different case. As far as the game had been launched for iOS and Android, it has grown at a pace never before seen in the history of mobile games. During the first hours the app held the record for number of downloads from Apple Store and Google Play. The situation has not changed to this day. It is surging in popularity on both platforms.

“This audio format (AC3) is not supported” in MX Player

Many Android users complain about “MX Player audio format not supported” popping up on their screens after they have updated the MX player to the latest version. Due to this problem one can’t hear sound while executing any audio or video file. Imagine that only a week ago your player worked well and now all you can see is “This audio format (AC3) is not supported” in your screen. We have learnt that the problem arises because of some license issues. Indeed the official MX player has removed free AC3 codec. Unfortunately it is impossible to download and install it even if one is ready to pay. There is no a separate fee-based version. However there is a solution.

How to remove system apps from Android devices?

All Android users are used to see a lot of system applications available for their devices most of them they never used. If you own a rooted device, you can free memory by freezing or removing unused apps.