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3 solutions to fix "Error Code 110" in Google Play Store

Sometimes Android users face "Error Code 110". The error mostly occurs while updating or installing Google Play apps. That might happen for OS incompatibility. Mostly "Error 110" arises either a device has updated OS or recently installed the custom firmware (LineageOS or MIUI). At the same time, tablet users face the issue more frequently than Android smartphones owners.
Error Code 110 in Google Play Store

How to Fix "Error Code 110"? in Google Play

Below you will find several solutions to fix the issue for your device. There methods actually work. Using one of them helps you to get rid of the error.

Method 1. Clear Google Play Store

One of the possible solutions is to clear your Google Play. This method proves itself to be effective for a lot of users. It is very likely to be effective for your device.
  1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Manage apps ->Google Play Store ->Force Stop;

  2. Go back to Settings -> Apps -> Manage apps ->Google Play Store ->Clear All Data;

  3. Go to Settings once more -> Apps -> Manage apps ->Google Play Store ->Clear Cache;

  4. The same steps should be done for Google Play Services;

  5. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Manage apps ->Google Play Services;

  6. Do Clear All Data, Clear Cache.

Now you can use Google Play Store without errors arise. Restart your device and open Google Play Store, download and update wanted apps. But, if you failed to fix the error employing this method, try the next one.

Method 2. Install App manually

  1. Find and load a proper file on your computer.
  2. Now connect your Android smartphone to your computer and copy this file to your smartphone.
  3. On your Android device find the copied (loaded) file app via your device File Manager.
  4. Select this file and install the app manually.

Failed again? Now seems is time to employ the only crucial method. Go back to factory settings.

Method 3. Factory reset

Bear in mind that before doing your device factory reset you have to backup your files and your data. Make a copy otherwise all your data will be lost. More than once we described how to do it on our pages. Thus we now omit the details. To do factory reset is not difficult. Just follow your device menu.

Hope you won’t face the "Error 110" issue again. If nevertheless it occurs, recall our instruction. One of the methods will definitely work for you.

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