How to fix "Download Pending" issue in Google Play Store?

A great number of users reported that a problem arose while downloading apps from Google Play. To be more specific, when they try to download something the client says "Download Pending". Surely, it will not be a great deal if the message says the truth. That is, the app in question would be actually pending to be downloaded. Unfortunately, the pending error might occur in case when no downloads are in progress.

Recent changes made in Google Play Store have affected the process of how the client manages download requests. The early version permitted to implement multiple downloads simultaneously. Now Play Store requires just one at a time. This is the reason why the error message pops up. Other apps are just pending for download. However there is a simple way to fix the issue. We will show it below.

First, you need to clear the download queue to make sure there are no interferences. In doing so, go to Play Store and swipe in the middle of the screen from right edge. Select "My apps and games" option. Tapping the downloaded app will let you access to the X button that you can use to clear download queue.

Some users manage to get rid of the issue following the above instruction. If it’s not the case you have to navigate your device Settings menu, then go to Play Store. On Play Store page select Clear Cache and Clear Data functions. In doing so, you will delete only Play Store info data. Hence you should not worry about losing important files. If you use Marshmallow or later Android versions, select "Storage", and then clear cache and data from that page.

If you still have trouble and fail to download an app, you have to employ Force stop Google Play. To do so, follow the steps:
  1. Navigate Settings;
  2. Select Play Store in Apps menu;
  3. Tap Force stop.

Following all instructions above, you will definitely get rid of the issue in near future. If the issue shows up again, you can always repeat these steps once more.

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Zia ullah
I tried all the suggested solutions above but sadly none of them did worked..anybody else got some suggestions out there ,
I tried all the suggested solutions above but sadly none of them did worked..anybody else got some suggestions out there , rather than buying a new phone? Lol

mine still won't sync, says no activity, no sleep. sleep data record stopped mid August now mid Sept steps doesn't sync. it's rubbish, only a year old.
If you do not get the little arrow near your email, all you have to do is make an account on you phone using the google app, log in, and it the little arrow will then pop up on your email in google play store. I know it's a bit unclear but not even a 1 minute fix. Hope I could help :)
Last method worked for me for Lenovo P1m. Keep in mind that, once you remove the google account you have to perform 'force stop', 'clear cache' 'clear data' for play store and frame services and then reboot before adding the google account again