3 solutions to fix “Error Code 110” in Google Play Store

Error Code 110 in Google Play Store

Sometimes Android users face “Error Code 110”. The error mostly occurs while updating or installing Google Play apps. That might happen for OS incompatibility. Mostly “Error 110” arises either a device has updated OS or recently installed the custom firmware (LineageOS or MIUI). At the same time, tablet users face the issue more frequently than Android smartphones owners.

How to enable App Drawer on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones?

App Drawer in MIUI 11

Xiaomi has long been testing an App Drawer that is part of the MIUI\’s default launcher. Back in November, an alpha version of the MIUI launcher was released, which brought the long-awaited feature into the system. However, the update was limited to devices running the MIUI 11 China ROM. The company was clearly in no hurry to include this feature in the latest update of the MIUI 11 for global users. However, this happened the day before yesterday. The application drawer has not yet been officially announced, but you can get the new feature on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones right now.

How to show battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy devices?

Battery level on Samsung Galaxy

Most Android smartphones show a battery level as a small icon in the screen. Do you agree that sometimes it is rather difficult to estimate the exact level of remain charge? The icon is too small and an indicator shows a rough picture. It is particularly inconvenient when the level is beyond the middle. It is almost impossible to know whether you battery keeps working till evening or shows warnings after a couple minutes call. Many users comment that their smartphones might work with illuminated charge icon for a long time then the charge level shows fast decrease. That is, they observe a battery discharge not from its 100% level but from the moment when it is time to think of battery recharge.

How to disable the swipe up Google Search gesture on MIUI 10?

Google Search Gesture

Many Xiaomi smartphone users complain about an issue which occurs particularly if their devices are under apparently stable MIUI 10 version. Exactly, when swiping up Google Assistant or built-in browser open. Moreover the complains came from those who got the latest update to stable version via OTA. It is obvious why. First, open unwanted browser (or assistant) obscure the screen. It stops access to the app in use. Second, to launch this function is possible not only from device desktop but also from any mode. Users unconsciously tap the screen swiping up and it causes the launch. So, is there a chance to fix the issue?

How to fix loud beep at the end of phone calls on Android?

Loud beep when call ends

Have you ever experienced a load beep at the end of a phone call? This annoying error reported by many Android users. What is odd the beep appears not from the call dynamic but from the loud speaker. And more, it doesn’t depend on current volume level. Look, it is not comfy when people around start turn their heads bewildered to your direction.

How to temporarily deactivate my Instagram account?

Instagram app

Instagram is one of the most large and popular social nets. Monthly about one billion active users are on the platform. Search options, communications and a lot of business functions work to keep users in Instagram for many hours and to return them again and again.

How to disable dark mode on Xiaomi smartphones?

Dark Mode in MIUI

Summer release of the MIUI beta-version brought the Dark Mode for Xiaomi smartphones. Naturally, not only developments but also the fans who are ready to get all updates right away started to test it. But there was bad luck. They found that the Dark Mode for some beta devices came as a stable update. However it became a problem to revert back the change. The dark theme remained. There is no way to disable it: no button neither switch key seems in the current firmware version.

How to install a custom watch face on Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

Amazfit WatchFaces

Recently Xiaomi has launched fitness tracker Mi Band 4. It comprises long-expected color display and inbuilt physical activity monitor. Watch faces are most interesting features. Mi-Fit app now supports 49 ones. You can select any of them. Nevertheless developers secured an option to add customers watch faces. Unfortunately now it is not easy to do so. Today we show you an easy step-by-step instruction.