What is App Vault on Xiaomi smartphones?

App Vault on Xiaomi

You must be facing with the App Vault app on Xiaomi smartphones, but not all users know what it is and what it is for. Since in any unfamiliar program many people tend to see spyware or other malicious software, people are interested in what is App Vault on Xiaomi smartphones? We are in a hurry to calm down all those who were alarmed by this unfamiliar program. This is the “home” application of the producer, present on all devices with MIUI firmware – just a personal assistant. It is created for convenience of the user, and to call the personal assistant on smart phone Xiaomi it is possible to pile from left to right on the main desktop.

How to verify if your Xiaomi phone is original?

Verify Xiaomi

Company Xiaomi has initially bet on producing high-quality, functional and best-looking at the same time cheap smartphones. That is what has helped company to win huge popularity not only in the house market in China, but also worldwide. As it is known, there are always the unfair producers ready to cling to another\’s success and to grab the piece of a pie. They produce fakes, masking them on the original products, and earn a lot of money. It also affects Xiaomi devices: in the market there were not original smartphones, tablets and other equipment which could appear in your hands if you don\’t buy from official distributors. Nevertheless, many people want to know what they use: the original or fake. And today we will tell you how to verify if your Xiaomi smartphone is original.

How to enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi?

Engineering Mode on Xiaomi

Some special settings on Xiaomi can be changed if one enables engineering mode. For example, the mode is used for sound control up to maximum loudness level, for both conversational and general. There is no need to have professional experience. On the other hand one has to be careful. Clumsy use might be a cause of a serious damage for the system. Remember this when you try to change parameters. Now we observe three ways of how to enable engineering mode on Xiaomi.

What is the “blockota” file in MIUI?

The blockota file on Xiaomi

Some Xiaomi device owners have noticed that after updating their smartphones, a mysterious file called “miui-blockota.zip” appears in the download folder. On the official MIUI forum, there are many guesses about the origin of this file, including the assumption that it is a virus. At the same time, its size often varies from a few megabytes to one or two gigabytes. In this article we will try to figure out what function “blockota” performs and whether it can be safely removed.

How to remove the “Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera” watermark?

Shot on Mi 8 Lite AI Dual Camera

Watermark is an image or drawing. In the case of some Xiaomi smartphones, the watermark can be seen when shooting a portrait – it is located in the bottom corner of the picture you captured. It is not clear why the developers decided to add such a function, since not everyone wants to see such text in their photos. Therefore, in our today\’s instruction, we will find a switch that is responsible for the deactivation of this watermark. Fortunately, this possibility is provided by the manufacturer.

How to Fix Low Video Quality on Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories

Recently Android smartphones users have complained a lot about dramatically loss the quality of the videos which users upload for their Instagram accounts in sharing their stories. Owners of iOS devices do not face the issue. Most complains came from former iPhone users who have recently switched to Android. They want to blame new OS. Our researchers found out that the “green robot” was unlikely a cause of the problem but an innocent sufferer.

How to fix stuck headphone notification symbol on Xiaomi?

Headphone notification symbol

Sometimes after playing music Xiaomi smartphone brings a surprise like earphones are removed from the jack, and yet the phone is still stuck in the earphone music mode. The headphone icon is still showing in the notification bar. And meanwhile a user sees that they are removed from the phone. What’s wrong? It’s not a serious issue and it is easy to fix it. And still it’s worth to find out the cause of the problem. This issue is often for most of Xiaomi devices. Our team has studied the problem and is ready to propose a couple of easy ways to get rid of the issue.

How to send a WhatsApp message without saving the contact?

WhatsApp messenger

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps. It makes communications pretty easy. Just adding several contacts and one creates his own circle. Nevertheless sometimes making easy steps is annoying. After all to sent a message you have to add the contact to your address book. And yet you often want just to get a brief contact, like, to ask or clarify something. Moreover your addressee can be a complete stranger. A couple of messages, that is all you need.

How to get rid of “Contents hidden” on Samsung Galaxy?

How to get rid of "Contents hidden" on Samsung Galaxy?

If you received a new push notification through any chat app, such as WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram, then the “Contents hidden” message may appear on your Galaxy’s lock screen. You may ask: why do you need to unlock the smartphone to view the preview of the received message? The answer lies in the company’s desire to protect the user\’s personal data. However, the manufacture left the option to disable this feature and today we will tell you how to get rid of “Contents hidden” on Samsung Galaxy devices.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi devices?

Mi Unlock Tool

The owners of the new Xiaomi devices faced an unpleasant problem when trying to install a custom firmware: the bootloader was locked. A reasonable question arises: why does Xiaomi, whose products are in great demand not only in those countries where they are delivered officially, impede the full use of their devices? It turns out the reason is related to ensuring security against theft. Thieves can flash the smartphone and get access to personal information stored on it. However, if the bootloader is locked, they won\’t be able to do it, because each Xiaomi device is tied to a personal Mi Account.

“Suspicious login attempt” on Instagram

Suspicious login attempt

Recently many owners of Android and iOS devices began to complain that when trying to enter their own Instagram accounts the smartphone reports the message “Suspicious login attempt: we detected an unusual login attempt. We\’ll send you a security code to verify your identity”. Today we decided to understand the probable causes of this issue and offer you several ways to fix it.

How to fix “Error code 910” in Google Play?

Error code 910 in Google Play

Recently many users complain about Google Play failure on their smartphones. They can’t download games and other apps. For example, this issue is pretty often when trying to download YouTube app from Google Play Store. Incidentally the message appears on Android device screen: “YouTube can’t be installed. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error Code: 910)”.

How to solve “Your SIM card is not activated” issue on Xiaomi?

SIM card activation error

It is pretty often when Xiaomi smartphones owners fail to activate SIM cards. The manufacture claim that the activation via Mi Account increases smartphone security. However sometimes users make mistakes which might cause the issue. When registering Mi Accounts via emails one can tap incorrect phone numbers or miss it at all. The issue can arise for bugs in installed firmware, or incorrect phone number identification, or device failures running under custom ROMs. In any case a user gets either “Your SIM card is not activated” or “SIM card activation error” message.