Error [OR-DDUH-01]: “Your Google account isn’t authorized to use Google Payments”

Probably you have already known that a lot of universities in the US provide Google accounts to their employees and the university students. It is pretty convenient. This practice promises some benefits. The most important is having .edu mail is guaranteed to get educational and organizational process information in time. However there will always be some limitations. In particular, when a user tries to get an application or a game from Google Play Store he faces the error message: “Your Google account isn\’t authorized to use Google Payments. Please contact your organization\’s Google Apps administrator. [OR-DDUH-01]”.

How to fix Status Error 7 in TWRP Recovery?

It is rather often issue that users encounter “Error 7” code while installing custom Roms (for example, LineageOS). It mostly affects rooted Android smartphones or tablets. Status Error 7 arises in TWRP Recovery when the ROM’s updater script file does not contain a model of your phone, or if the phone model is presented but the script is created for other phone model, for running in other providers’ networks. In this case you have to install your device’s “native” script.

How to hide “Apps running in the background” notification on Android Oreo?

If you have already installed Android Oreo on you device, you are aware of all benefits provided by the new operation system. Due to new features like multiprogramming, picture – in – picture, as well as background apps and updated settings management, Android Oreo turns out to be the best Android OS among all in the market. But yet, nothing is perfect. And Android Oreo has its own flaws. For instance, there is a persistent Android system notification “Apps running in the background” on a locking screen and on your notification area. It shows the number of applications running in the background.

How to fix “Device is not certified by Google” in Play Store?

Have you ever faced the issue when trying to download an app from Google Play the service just failed to run and the message “Device is not certified by Google” appeared in the screen? If it’s so this article is for you. We will explain why malfunction arises, whether certification lack causes problems, and show a safe way to fix this issue.

How to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner on Android devices?

These days fingerprinting scanner is not something special. It is a often feature of economy class smartphones and not just an attribute of the flagship phones. A fingerprinting scanner serves to unlock your phone. It protects your device from unauthorized access. It is used as an option to secure certain applications. It is very handy and save solution. Unfortunately, it does the job until a scanner recognizes a registered fingerprint.

How to fix the dreaded Wi-Fi exclamation point?

If you’re an Android 5.0 Lollipop user and connect the Internet via Wi-Fi, it is possible you face Wi-Fi exclamation point issue. What is it? How to fix the problem? First, the symbol “!” appearing means that it is worth to investigate the wireless network you are using. The communication problem is behind the warning sign. Maybe there are a lot of solutions for this issue. We have found just one, which actually works.

How to disable the Proximity Sensor on Android devices?

Smartphones running Android OS equipped with a proximity sensor that disable the screen when you lift the phone close to your ear while you are on a call. Actually it is a useful function. It lets your phone save power as well as prevents a stray keystroke. The issue is: you cannot take a call at the same time as you are writing messengers or edit texts. The moment your hand is close to phone\’s touch screen, a proximity sensor is awake and your screen becomes dim.

How to Relock Bootloader via Fastboot on Android devices?

In spite of having an unlocked bootloader is useful in many ways, for example, a kernel firmware and recovery (factory images), installing an alternative custom recovery image (TWRP) and getting root access, its presence can also lead to block certain services on your device for security reasons. So, you might want to relock a bootloader to use those services.

How to fix when Wi-Fi is stuck “Obtaining IP Address”?

There are many errors which arise in connecting an Android device to the Internet, in particular using Wi-Fi. One of the widespread issues is a message of “Obtaining IP Address”. This problem appears when a user tries to join a Wi-Fi network. An Android device scans the nearest networks and generates a list of available network connections. A user selects one and enters the password (if it’s required). Then the device tries to obtain an IP-address within the selected network.

What is the “Mab” application on Xiaomi smartphones?

In the beginning of this year some users found out an unknown app “Mab” installed in their phones. Usually it came after a MIUI firmware updating. Obviously, the appearance of an unaware app is disturbing. What is it? A regular firmware, a spy app or a virus? There is almost nothing about Mab soft in the web. Nevertheless we have managed to find out a little.

How to fix “Error code 0” in Google Play Store?

Recently many users have frequently faced a new issue while downloading or updating applications from Google Play Store: “The app can\’t be downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting (Error code: 0)”. The thing is that many previous Google Play Store issues could be successful fixed by clearing Cache and Data. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The root of the problem turns out to be independent of the cache. It has another source.

How to fix “Download Pending” issue in Google Play Store?

A great number of users reported that a problem arose while downloading apps from Google Play. To be more specific, when they try to download something the client says “Download Pending”. Surely, it will not be a great deal if the message says the truth. That is, the app in question would be actually pending to be downloaded. Unfortunately, the pending error might occur in case when no downloads are in progress.

How to disable Bixby on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8?

After a few months of anticipation digital voice assistant Bixby Voice got shipped on Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ all over the world. Indeed, in attempt to compete with such virtual assistants as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana, Samsung developed Bixby pretty well. Moreover, when trying to implement really complex operations in all sorts of apps Bixby looks smarter than its “competitors”. To find firmer foot in markets Samsung also released Bixby Page, which looked similar to Google Now Page on the home screen. It is pity that Bixby Voice is available only for several languages: English (American version) and Korean.

How to disable Google Play Protect?

Google recently announced its last Play Store feature called Google Play Protect. This built-in Play Store app “protects your phone against malicious apps”. Play Protect is a security app which not only scans each app installing from Play Store for viruses and all sort of malware downloads but also it checks the apps which had already been installed in your device.

How to fix “Google Pay can’t be used on this device” error?

Google (Android) Pay service is now available in many countires. This service allows making contactless payments. But, before Android users got really excited about new features, many of them faced a new problem. Sure, the app is installed without any problems. Nevertheless, when trying to launch the app one gets the message “Android Pay can\’t be used on this device” followed by “Google can\’t confirm that your device meets Android Pay\’s security standarts”. There might be three possible causes for this kind of message: 1) the device has root-access; 2) the bootloader is unlocked; 3) a third-party ROM has been installed in this device.

“Connection timed out” error in Google Play Store

When trying to download or update Google Play app many users complain that the message “Connection timed out” displays on device’s screen. Today we will try to find out the cause of this bug and help our readers to fix it.