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How to disable the swipe up Google Search gesture on MIUI 10?

Many Xiaomi smartphone users complain about an issue which occurs particularly if their devices are under apparently stable MIUI 10 version. Exactly, when swiping up Google Assistant or built-in browser open. Moreover the complains came from those who got the latest update to stable version via OTA. It is obvious why. First, open unwanted browser (or assistant) obscure the screen. It stops access to the app in use. Second, to launch this function is possible not only from device desktop but also from any mode. Users unconsciously tap the screen swiping up and it causes the launch. So, is there a chance to fix the issue?

How to disable swipe up Google Search or Mi Browser on Xiaomi?

We do not take into account a straightforward method as to delete a built-in browser or Goggle assistant. The latter does not badly impede. Anyway to use this way it is required device Root-access. More, there are easier ways to do so, like Google Search disable via system settings (this function is not available on all devices) or using a third-party app.

Method 1. Disable using system settings
  1. Open smartphone “Settings”;

  2. Go to “Home screen”;
    Google Search Gesture

  3. Find the item “Swipe up on the Home screen to open search” and turn it off.

If this item is unavailable on your device, let proceed to the next method.

Method 2. Using a third-party app
  1. Download an apk-file clicking on the following link;
  2. Install the app (it is a chance of asking for permission to install an app from unknown sources);
  3. Open the app;
  4. Find the option “Swipe search” and turn it off.

After these easy steps built-in browser and Google assistant stop appear unexpectedly on your Xiaomi.
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  1. Naveed Rehman #
    How can I disable swipe up lock screen action and keep the screen always as never sleep.

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