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How to get Google’s Caller ID & Spam Protection on any dialer app?

The built-in dialer from MIUI, beloved by many Android users, is a thing of the past with older firmware versions. Xiaomi is now installing Google's official phone calling app on its smartphones shipped outside of China. However, not everyone's enthusiastic about these changes. That's why many MIUI users are now switching to highly customizable True Phone Dialer. Nevertheless, we have to admit that the Google dialer app is not devoid of certain useful features. One of these functions is the filter of unwanted incoming calls. Is it possible to combine the benefits of both applications? It turns out you can, and today we'll tell how to do it.
Google's spam protection

How to add spam protection from Google into any dialer app?

  1. Download Activity Launcher from Google Play Store;

  2. Enter the query "Default apps" in the search bar and and go to the Permission controller;

  3. In the item "Caller ID and spam app" find the sub-item "Phone", select it.

If the anti-spam feature was not previously enabled in the Google Phone app, then it must be activated. To do this, follow these steps:
  • Open the Phone by Google app, find the three dots in the top corner on the right and select "Settings";

  • Find the item "Caller ID and Spam" and set all the switches to "On".

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