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What is the Joyose app on Xiaomi smartphones?

Today we will discuss another application in the MIUI firmware, the name of which does not say anything to the vast majority of Xiaomi users - Joyose. Oddly enough, once again there is no consensus on the purpose of this application. Some users argue that Joyose is needed to access Chinese entertainment services, such as video or music, while others say it is responsible for collecting analytics and advertising. As for our opinion, it seems to us that the first option is correct.

How to remove the Joyose application on MIUI?

At least you shouldn't do this, as you can "brick" your smartphone. At the same time, some Xiaomi users who have uninstalled the Joyose app indicate that the smartphone works, but there are problems with some applications like text messages. To check if this app is installed on your Xiaomi, follow these steps:
  • Go to "Settings" - "Apps";

  • Next, the section "Manage apps";

  • Find three dots in the right corner, then select "Show all apps";

  • Joyose app will be listed.

If you you have more information about the Joyose application, share it in Comments below. We are sure it will be useful to someone.
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  1. Mac11 #
    What you see when you swipe right on the miui homescreen.

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