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How to listen to YouTube with the screen off on Xiaomi?

Do you often listen to music or podcasts using the YouTube app? If so, you've probably noticed that if you lock your smartphone screen, the music stops playing, too. Keeping the smartphone constantly with the screen on is also not the best option. This can lead to screen burn-in or increased battery consumption. How to get out of this situation? Xiaomi's Game Turbo mode will help us with this.
Game Turbo mode

How to listen to YouTube Music in the background with your Xiaomi?

  1. Go to the Security app -> “Game Turbo“. Tap the gear icon at the top right to activate “In-game shortcuts“;

  2. Go back one step and tap the plus icon at the top. Find the app that should be running in the background. In our case, that would be YouTube Music. Activate the switch next to it;

  3. Launch the YouTube Music app and you'll notice a semi-transparent bar on the left edge of the screen. Swipe from it to the right to open the game turbo bar;

  4. Tap the arrow at the top of the panel to open an additional section;

  5. Finally, tap the smartphone icon. A warning appears that the screen is about to turn off and the app will run in the background.

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