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Wi-Fi Direct is greyed out on Xiaomi: how to enable it?

Wi-Fi Direct mode is for sharing data with other devices that support this feature. For example, you can easily connect to your TV and display your smartphone screen on it, as long as both devices are connected to the same access point. But what if the Wi-Fi Direct option is greyed out on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones?
Wi-Fi Direct is greyed out

How to enable the Wi-Fi Direct mode on Xiaomi devices?

There are two main ways to overcome this issue and activate the Wi-Fi Direct mode:
  1. Go to your smartphone settings and type Wi-Fi Direct in the search bar. Next, run the shortcut that appears from the list;

  2. Simply turn on the GPS (Location access). Then, go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced Settings and you will see that Wi-Fi Direct mode is now active.

Now you know what Wi-Fi Direct is and how to fix the issues related to this application. If you have any notes we will be glad to see them in the Comments!

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