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How to fix "Themes from third party sources not supported" issue on MIUI

"Themes from third party sources not supported" message appears on Android devices screens for Xiaomi users who try to download a theme to their phones or tables not from company official market but other internet resources. Since January 1st Xiaomi have banned all themes and other MIUI firmware components downloaded from internet resources different from their official market site. They did it to support designers intellectual property rights, to secure favorable conditions for development engineers and further their interface development. All download can be done successfully from designer.xiaomi.com site only. As to the users they can download their favorable stuff only from Xiaomi official market site.

It is not important which site (free or not) one uses to download his favorable theme. In any case he will get the message "Themes from third party sources not supported". This ban can be avoided by employing two methods we present below. Note that both methods are completely legal.

They are :
  1. Register yourself as a beta tester;
  2. Register yourself as a designer.

Today we will teach you how to remove the restrictions safely. You can choose any of the presented ways. Both work.

Register yourself as a beta tester
  1. Create your Mi account via email (it’s free);
  2. Install color avatar on your Mi account;
  3. Send a report of any problem emerged when using MIUI to "Screenshot problems " department;

  4. Wait till Xiaomi remove their restriction (about 2-3 days) and become a beta tester.

Official registration as a beta tester unbans downloads from third-party resources. Therefore the message "Themes from third party sources not supported" will not to be seen any longer.

Register yourself as a designer
  1. Create your Mi account either via email (the same way as in Method 1) or by using your phone number;
  2. Navigate http://designer.xiaomi.com/ and tap Login Now (right button);

  3. Input identifying information (phone number or email which was used for account creating), input your account password and then enter the site as a authorized user;
    How to fix "Themes from third party sources not supported" issue on MIUI

  4. When you see a pop-up window , choose the upper line- "Individual designer" and tap;

  5. Input your data:

    a) Nickname – Designer name;
    b) Your Real Name;
    c) Your Mobile Number;
    d) Your Post Address;
    e) Tap the green button that submits your data and registers you as a designer;
  6. Wait until your data are verified that Xiaomi notify you through email, (approximately 2-3 days).

After receiving a notification in your email from Xiaomi that your are now officially is an application designer, you can download any themes from Android device memory without restrictions.
  1. Pranit Wath
    Hey bro...i got mail from xiomi but the third party issue is not solved...
  2. Tiri Sal
    hi.. i got email from xiaomi saying that i am now designer, but still not able to apply any theme. Still saying third party themes not applicable.
  3. Himanshu
    Same here..i have registered as designer and still not able to apply custom themes..pls help
  4. himanshu
    hey all...problem solved. login with same mi account on your phone used for registering as designer

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