How to fix "Couldn't connect Mi Band" error on Android devices

Today we will talk of how to fix the problem of syncing your device with the Mi Band fitness bracelet. Sometimes users get the message: "Couldn't connect band. Try again". Which means that the error occurs and Mi Fit app fails to track the parameters of your body and your physical activities.

On the older version of the app, when the Mi Band fails to sync with the Mi Fit app, your smart phone “does not see the bracelet” and the error message appears: "Mi Band connect failed, pull to retry". When you go to the settings the error will be confirmed once more. If you don’t fix this error right away, your activities won’t be logged in the Mi Fit app. To solve this problem, first turn off Bluetooth and then restart your smartphone. After the device reboots, open Mi Fit app and try to sync your Mi Band again. If that didn't work, here is how you can fix the "Mi Band connect failed" error in Mi Fit for your Android device.

Method 1: Restart your device
Turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on. Now try to sync again. If that didn't work, turn off Bluetooth again and then restart your phone. If your Bluetooth is working fine but you are still unable to sync your Mi Band in Mi Fit, go to Method 2.

Method 2: Disable (Unpair) the Mi Band from the Mi Fit settings
  1. Open Mi Fit
  2. Go to Profile >> Tap "Mi Band"

  3. You will see "No band" error

  4. Scroll down and tap "Unpair" >> OK

  5. Close Mi Fit app and restart it

Now you will be asked to enable (pair) your Mi Band again. Simply tap on the Mi Band when the the LEDs start blinking and it will be synced to Mi Fit app on your android. All of your data prior to the error will now show up and the Mi Band will start tracking your steps/calories/sleep etc like normal.
  1. Mishtii Vora
    Thank you so much for this solution. I tried 1000 things, nothing worked, but this this worked. :)
  2. sanders
    thnk you so much
  3. Shanky
    I am not able to connect its just showing keep your device nearby please help
  4. Mike
    Afraid it didn't work for me. On Bluetooth it shows it was paired. But on Mi Fit app, it still couldn't connect. Can anyone help?
  5. Ziv Koifman
    I can't pair too
    Did something changed in the last few days?
  6. Vicky
    Thanks so much. The MI band Firmware update was the issue it got resolved by unpair and pairing again.
  7. hasitha
    You rocks, I tried other methods not worked. Thanks a lot my friend
  8. Terry Hicks
    My band won't connect and won't charge....I think it may be "dead".
  9. Tg
    there is no "UNPAIR" option

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