How to disable Google Play Protect?

Google recently announced its last Play Store feature called Google Play Protect. This built-in Play Store app "protects your phone against malicious apps". Play Protect is a security app which not only scans each app installing from Play Store for viruses and all sort of malware downloads but also it checks the apps which had already been installed in your device.

Somewhat to our surprise we saw that the great number of users did like the feature. What was more, they began searching the ways to disable it. The app updates have been sent and installed automatically in your device. The users were forbidden to decline the updates. Fortunately, Google permits to disable this service. Nevertheless Play Protect still scans apps installed in Google Play Store. If Google Play Protect is on, it will regularly scan your device and certainly scan apps downloaded from third-party sources. Google reports that Google Play Protect is actually able to send the unknown apps to Google. Such information definitely helps Google to protect its users from malware downloads.

To disable Play Protect you need to navigate Play Store. While you are in, open the menu and scroll it down till Play Protect is in your screen. Check it open, go to settings. Disable "Scan device for security threats" option by shifting the box. You would be very much mistaken thinking that all troubles are gone. Google still scans your apps, your device, your web-browser, or send the information of the third-party apps you have installed. However, the apps downloaded from Play Store will be not scanned. There is the good news! Google option "Find my device" will be available even if you have managed to disable Play Protect security.

Well, we just have to admit the far from encouraging fact. It is impossible to erase Google Play Protect app from your device completely. That is because the security is simply integrated in Google Play Store. If by any chance the way to delete the feature is found, we will update this instruction.

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Zia ullah
I tried all the suggested solutions above but sadly none of them did worked..anybody else got some suggestions out there ,
I tried all the suggested solutions above but sadly none of them did worked..anybody else got some suggestions out there , rather than buying a new phone? Lol

mine still won't sync, says no activity, no sleep. sleep data record stopped mid August now mid Sept steps doesn't sync. it's rubbish, only a year old.
If you do not get the little arrow near your email, all you have to do is make an account on you phone using the google app, log in, and it the little arrow will then pop up on your email in google play store. I know it's a bit unclear but not even a 1 minute fix. Hope I could help :)
Last method worked for me for Lenovo P1m. Keep in mind that, once you remove the google account you have to perform 'force stop', 'clear cache' 'clear data' for play store and frame services and then reboot before adding the google account again