How to disable the Proximity Sensor on Android devices?

Smartphones running Android OS equipped with a proximity sensor that disable the screen when you lift the phone close to your ear while you are on a call. Actually it is a useful function. It lets your phone save power as well as prevents a stray keystroke. The issue is: you cannot take a call at the same time as you are writing messengers or edit texts. The moment your hand is close to phone's touch screen, a proximity sensor is awake and your screen becomes dim.

It had been observed that debris and dust in dynamics area are often the course of proximity sensor malfunction. A proximity sensor is located at the top of smartphones. If you turn your phone at a small angle, you can see this and other sensors. They are close to the dynamics and look like small holes under screen glass. If debris or dust enter the holes, sensors stop working. Therefore, before turning off a proximity sensor, you better clean your phone.

How to clean your phone to restore the proximity sensor functionality?
  1. Turn off your phone and blow the dynamic with compressed air.
  2. Make sure there is no debris or dust in the dynamic of your phone. (If necessary, carefully use a toothpick or other tool appropriate to remove debris.)
  3. Restart your device and check the proximity sensor functionality.

How to disable a proximity sensor on your Android?
  1. Turn on your phone, go to "Settings", then "System Apps";

  2. Scroll down the applications list to "Call settings";

  3. Tap "Incoming call settings";

  4. Disable a proximity sensor. The procedure and tools may vary depending on your phone model and Android OS version;

  5. Test your phone during a call again. Is you have disabled the proximity sensor, the screen should not turn off when you hold your device close to your face or place your hand close to the screen while talking.

You see, it is not difficult to disable a proximity sensor. It is up to you to decide whether you need it. We will glad to have your comments on “for” and “against” disability.

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Try removing the screen lock PIN first and then deleting the Google account. That worked for me - did not have to factory reset the phone. But make sure to add back the screen lock PIN for security.
It's working on MIUI 9
Thanks for help me
Kenneth Liou
im having the same problem with a9 Pro, Samsung told me to format the phone but i really dont want too
César Augusto Lezcano Molinas
Y como se hace para instalar de la forma de sistema
I had same problem on my samsung galaxy A9 Pro. Followed the steps but could not fix it

I had same problem with my Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. Tried the steps but could not fix it.
Is it software problem on android or samsung? Any other suggestions to fix it?