What is Wfd Service on Xiaomi smartphones?

Almost all leading-edge manufacturing companies install various useful software on their gadgets. However not all smartphone owners use all pre-installed apps. Some users prefer to get rid of unneeded software to make space for services they want.

We have already discussed how to disable system apps on Xiaomi phones without getting root access. Judging by comments we received the problem is widely applicable. Mostly users try to disable Google apps. They and their facilities are well known. To disable Google soft the owner is well aware of what functions will be inaccessible. Another question is what to do if, on one hand one uses an app, on the other he doesn’t have clear view of what this app is doing. In particular, what would be the consequence of disable/delete the app in question.

Exactly this question comes of pre-installed “Wfd Service“. The app has recently been released for Xiaomi devices. What is Wfd Service? As a matter of fact, the Wi-Fi Direct service might be quite useful. WLAN Direct enables to connect devices with each other without requiring a wireless router. The technology is modern and extremely effective. It looks like Bluetooth data transmission but the speed is up to 250 megabit per second, the distance of device connection is up to 200 meters. It is also perfectly secured.

Do you want it? It’s up to you. Nevertheless it is clearly very handy:to watch movies on widescreen TV, or to print documents from phone, or to copy photos from phone to laptop without using home area network. Both Samsung and Xiaomi are on their way to develop such smart home ecosystem. However to “see” each other requires implementation of the described technology. It is done for devices like Android 5 and higher version, as well as, for devices of last couple years from leading-edge manufacturing companies. If you don’t want this feature, go ahead and disable Wfd Service.

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4 thoughts on “What is Wfd Service on Xiaomi smartphones?”

  1. Dear sir I have a problem in my TV that is Samsung TV 59cm TV sir want to mirror by phone with Anycast m9 plus doungle sir all is okey but at last we are going to connected then in TV it shows START WFD and screen not mirror sir I try in all my phones Samsung redmi vivo and also one plus but in one plus some time mirror then also like stop there sir acculy what problem is in it I don't know but sir you are a knowledgeable person so sir please tell me what to do then it mirroring
    Sir reply me I am waiting

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